A Haunted House: Marlon Wayans & Essence Atkins Talk State of Spoofs

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Marlon Wayans knows a thing or two about the spoofing of popular Hollywood films. The man, who is part of the Wayans brothers' team that gave us Scary Movie and a half-dozen other spoofs, believes that the genre has hit a giant speed bump. "People are tired of spoof movies because they've been done wrong," Wayans said.

"I've grown up with my brothers training me to do this. I grew up watching Airplane, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I'm a student. But, I've been watching how they've been basterdized with some of these like Disaster Movie and Meet the Spartans."

Movie Fanatic sat down with Wayans, and his co-star Essence Atkins, for an exclusive video interview to talk about the film that Wayans co-wrote, A Haunted House, and how the importance of the spoof movie standing on its own is something that has been lost of late in other flicks.

As seen in our A Haunted House exclusive trailer, the film parodies the Paranormal Activity movies, The Devil Inside and a bevy of other "found footage" films in the most hilarious of ways.

Wayans even helped his co-star answer the question about what was the best thing that Atkins took away from starring with him. "A great ass," she said after a few other more serious comments.

"That's what I was going for," he exclaimed. "Just say, 'He has a nice ass!'"

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A Haunted House Review

A Haunted House brings a spoof of Wayans' proportions to the Paranormal Activity movies... and even a little bit of The Devil Inside....

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