Dan Brown's Inferno to Continue the Robert Langdon Book Series

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Big News for The Da Vinci Code fans! Famed describer-of-footsteps Dan Brown is preparing to release a new book in the Robert Langdon book series that served as the film and its pre-se-re-quel.

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The book series began in 2000 with Angels and Demons, then continued with The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol. The Da Vinci Code was the first book to be adapted into a film, starring Tom Hanks as Langdon, with Angels and Demons following and The Lost Symbol currently in development.

Audrey Tatou, Ian McKellen (The Hobbit), Alfred Molina, Ewan McGregor, and Stellan Skarsgard (Thor: The Dark World) have also appeared in the franchise.

The Inferno will surely follow suit into the movie world. The book will be released in May, and was influenced by Dante's classic poem Inferno. Check out some The Da Vinci Code quotes for a look back at the first film.

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The Da Vinci Code Quotes

There was every orb conceivable on that tomb, except one. The orb which fell from the heavens, and inspired Newtons life's work, work that incurred the wrath of the church. Until his dying day. A P P L E - Apple.

Robert Langdon

Sophie Neveu: [rips the tape off Silas's mouth] Did you kill Jacques Sauniere?
[no answer]
Sophie Neveu: Did you kill Jacques Sauniere?
Silas: I am the messenger of God.
Sophie Neveu: [slaps him across the face] Did you kill my grandfather?
Silas: I am the messenger -
[Sophie slaps him again]
Silas: Each breath you take is a sin. No shadow will be safe again, for you will be hunted by angels.
Sophie Neveu: You believe in God? Your God doesn't forgive murderers... he burns them.