Death Race 3: Danny Trejo Talks Favorite Part of Fame

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As Death Race 3 lands on home video this week, Movie Fanatic caught up with star Danny Trejo for an exclusive video interview. Trejo tells us that he's a Movie Fanatic of the action variety and what he believes is at the heart of the success of this trilogy.

"The action! What more can you ask for? You've got beautiful women, beautiful cars... say no more," Trejo said and laughed.

We even get the normally quiet Trejo to talk about how he has gone from ex-con to movie star with a Robert Rodriguez franchise (Machete) built around him. "It's icing on the cake," he said.

Trejo admitted that his favorite part of the job is using his fame to be able to influence kids to take a positive path in life and learn from his life lessons. "I've been blessed. My passion is still talking to kids. Because of this industry it makes it simple. They all recognize me."

The Death Race series follows the storyline that prisoners, looking at life behind bars, are given a chance at freedom by participating in an auto race unlike any other. If you win three times in a row... you earn your freedom. That is if you survive the race at all.

Want to see more from this action-fest? Check out the Death Race 3 trailer and prepare to go boom!

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