Death Race 3: Luke Goss on Tying Up a Trilogy

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Luke Goss is just a little bit of a fan of his Death Race 3: Inferno co-star Ving Rhames. "Ving and I have done three movies together," Goss proudly stated in our exclusive video interview. "I think of him as a personal friend. I call Ving Rhames on my phone. I mean, how cool is that? It's Ving Rhames!"

Goss promises that fans of the Death Race series will cherish the latest installment as it "ties up the three movies." Now, don't worry, the series is not coming to a close by any means, but the U.K. actor believes that Death Race, Death Race 2 and now Death Race 3 can function as a classic Hollywood trilogy. "Now, if there's a fourth, it would be a true sequel to all those movies."

As the film now lands on DVD, Blu-Ray and On Demand, Goss stated that he also treasured the opportunity to shoot the third film on location, beautifully shown in the Death Race 3: Inferno trailer. "I loved the idea of being on location in Africa, with all the gorgeous vistas," Goss said. And when it comes to the stunts, which he insists on doing himself... the actor could not contain his enthusiasm. "I'm strangely addicted to it!"

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