Freeloaders Exclusive Clip: Selling a Mark Harmon

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Freeloaders has given Movie Fanatic an exclusive clip! The guys behind Broken Lizard are back with an outrageous (would you expect anything less?) comedy about a group of six people who have been crashing at Counting Crows lead singer Adam Duritz's house for years.

As teased in the Freeloaders trailer, when Duritz meets the girl of his dreams, he has to sell the Beverly Hills mansion, and that fact sends our six Freeloaders on a hilarious search for their future.

In our exclusive clip, two of the guys are trying to sell Duritz's classic car that they call a "Mark Harmon" for money to buy the house so they can stay. Their buying subject is a man who sees right through their farce. He replies, "That would look nice next to my 1958 Dodge Dakota Fanning." If you know Broken Lizard's humor (and you know you love those Super Trooper quotes), then you can see where this is going!

The film is currently available on VOD.

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