Guardians of the Galaxy Pursuing Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler

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Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely a lesser-known Marvel property, but they are going hard after some well-known cast.

Early this month, we reported that John Krasinski, Zachary Levi, Jim Sturgess (Cloud Atlas), and even Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Looper) were on a shortlist to play Star Lord, the half-man half-alien main protagonist of the film. Now, Latino Review is reporting that Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler are both being chased.

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Funnyman Adam Sandler

Marvel has apparently inquired about the availability of both actors, which doesn't necessarily mean much. There is no word on which characters they would play, or if they're perhaps both being sought for the same character.

Carrey is taking his a leap into Superhero Comedy as Colonel Stars and Stripes in Kick-Ass 2, which comes out this summer. Sandler, however, would be new to the hero realm.

James Gunn (Movie 43) is slated to direct, which gives the distinct impression that Guardians will have a comedic bend. No casting decisions have yet been made, with production slated to begin this summer, and a realase date set for August 1, 2014.

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