Homemade Iron Man Laser Gauntlets For Sale: Pop Balloons Like Iron Man

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If you're a giant Comic Book Movie nerd, a skilled engineer, and have ungodly amounts of free time, raise your homemade Iron Man Laser Gauntlet.

Weird, looks like there's only one guy. This guy. He threw a Youtube video up of his super nerdsome (That's nerdy + awesome. Don't steal that, Zooey Deschanel) functional Iron Man Laser Gauntlet. Check out the video below:

Granted, by "functional," he seems to mean that it can pop balloons, but don't take that as a slight. Once I tried to make a lighter out of a different lighter and some spray paint, and even that didn't end very well (helpful home-improvement tip: don't light the lighter while spraying it with spray paint).

The device is available for custom order, though don't ask him for any plans or schematics, because he's not giving them up. If you can get to it in time you could wear your Laser Gauntlet to the opening of Iron Man 3 on May 3. And read through some Iron Man quotes to get some ideas for cool things to say while you're wearing it.

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