John Dies at the End: Paul Giamatti Dishes Rastafari Wisdom

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John Dies at the End was such a unique story with the potential to be a mind-blowing movie, that star Paul Giamatti (who had all those awesome Sideways quotes) could not say no. Movie Fanatic caught up with the Oscar-nominated actor and the film's director, Don Coscarelli (Bubba Ho-Tep), to talk about his latest film that follows John, who may or may not actually die at the end!

The wildly original film is a wild ride that is nothing like audiences have seen before. Upon reading the script, Giamatti had to be a part of it. "What made me want to do it was the monologue the Rastafarian guy has about dreams," he admitted. "I remember thinking, if this could end up on film somehow, someway, I've got to be a part of that. It's so weird and disturbing."

The spot he speaks of is so inventive as the character speaks to hearing thunder in a dream, and then awaking to discover it's thundering outside. We've all had these dreams and in John Dies at the End, that is just the tip of the psychological iceberg that filmmaker Coscarelli brings to the screen.

John Dies at the End is based on the graphic novel by Paul Pargin and follows a group of people who inadvertently, or on purpose, take a new drug called Soy Sauce. It allows the user to read people's minds, see into the future and overall... have a trip that stays with you "for the rest of your life," as said in the John Dies at the End trailer.

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