John Dies at the End Review: Soy Sauce Insanity

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John Dies at the End is one of the most unique movies you will see in recent memory. That doesn't necessarily make it a good thing... but in this case, it absolutely is. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 star Paul Giamatti portrays a journalist who may just have the story of a lifetime. He meets Dave (Chase Williamson) at a Chinese restaurant to hear his tale and our mind-blowing adventure begins.

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What is real and what is conjured in the psyche of those inhabiting this film is a blur, and that is one of the many tricks that director Don Coscarelli (Bubba Ho Tep) effectively employs to have his audience firmly entrenched in this off-kilter film.

As one can tell from the John Dies at the End trailer, trying to put a finger on this flick is one difficult task. In our John Dies at the End review, Movie Fanatic will refrain from telling too much of the plot and its stylized execution for fear of taking away from the experience. This is one of those movies that the less you know about going in, the better.

What we can tell you is that there is a new drug on the street. Dave's friend John (yes, of the title) calls Dave in a panic as he has just taken the drug, called Soy Sauce, and he isn't quite sure which end is up. Dave races over to his friend's place, only to discover he is dead. Or is he? The phone rings and it's John, but which John? See... trying to keep up with this story is alone an effort that will blow your mind.

Giamatti is a pretty big star to appear in a low budget horror/sci-fi flick and as told to us in our Paul Giamatti exclusive interview, the moment he read the script, he felt that if it was possible to film it -- he had to be involved. Well, Coscarelli has triumphed in bringing his screenplay, based on the book by David Wong, to life in the most extremely astounding ways.

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It may go off the rails a bit in the third act, but upon reflection, that could be as planned by the film's helmer. What better way to close out your mind-altering film than by having your audience leave the theater asking in joyous unison, "What just happened?!"

John Dies at the End is now out in select theaters and available on Video on Demand.


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