Stand Off Poster Premieres: Brendan Fraser Gets Into Action

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Brendan Fraser and Colm Meaney star in the new thriller Stand Off and the film just premiered its poster over at IAMRogue. The Stand Off poster premiere marks the return of Fraser after being missed from the big screen since 2011's Whole Lotta Soul. Although he may never achieve the success he had with The Mummy, Fraser sure sounds like he's onto something with his latest.

Stand Off Poster

Stand Off finds Fraser's Jimbo as he is cornered by bad gambling debts that result in his family being threatened. With his buddies (including Meaney), he robs a fish market, only to learn that it is controlled by the very gangsters that he owes money to in the first place.

The flick is from director Terry George. The filmmaker recently picked up an Oscar for The Shore and has wielded his camera before as the writer-director behind Hotel Rwanda and Reservation Road.

Stand Off lands on VOD January 21 and opens in theaters February 22.

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