Texas Chainsaw 3D: Trey Songz & Alexandra Daddario Reveal Horror Favorites

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Texas Chainsaw 3D stars Trey Songz and Alexandra Daddario have different backgrounds when it comes to the horror genre. Songz is a self-admitted fanatic of scary cinema and in our exclusive video interview, lets us in on what are his favorites and why making his film debut in a horror flick could not have been more perfect.

"Saw One is my all-time favorite and Friday the 13th was my favorite as a kid," Songz said. "I had such horrible dreams, but I still liked it!"

Daddario and Songz star in what is being called a true sequel to the 1974 classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The film even begins towards the end of the '70s-set horror and fast forwards to a present that continues the scary story's legacy. Proof of that continuity was present from the very first Texas Chainsaw 3D trailer.

Songz and Daddario also share their opinions on why this franchise still enthralls fans almost 40 years after the original gave us nightmares simply from its The Texas Chainsaw Massacre quotes. "The fact that there's a family that loved their kin that much, no matter what he did, that's a possibility in this world," Songz said. "It's so close to reality... it's like wow!"

Daddario believes it has to do with how real the villain Leatherface is, and as extreme as it sounds... he's relatable. "He's so human," she admitted. "He's not just lurking in the darkness. You see that he's a real human being. It's very terrifying."

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