Top Gun IMAX 3D Re-Release Trailer: Do you Feel the Need?

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As we reported back in December, Top Gun is getting the IMAX 3D treatment! The film that brought together Tom Cruise, Jerry Bruckheimer, and the late Tony Scott, who would all later go on to become Hollywood superstars, will be hitting 3D IMAX theaters for six days next month.

It's been almost 27 years since the film was first released, and since that Cruise and Bruckheimer have been pretty busy. Cruise starred last year in Jack Reacher, and his new movie Oblivion, will premiere April 19.

Bruckheimer, meanwhile, continues to produce some of the biggest films in Hollywood. Check out The Lone Ranger trailer for Bruckheimer's newest film.

Fans can catch Top Gun in 3D IMAX beginning February 8, before it comes out on 3D Blu-ray February 19.

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Top Gun Quotes

Maverick: Mustang, this is Maverick requesting flyby?
Air Boss Johnson: That's a negative ghostrider, the pattern is full.

Wolfman: This gives me a hard on.
Hollywood: Don't tease me.