Warm Bodies: Rob Corddry Chats Zombie Favorites

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Rob Corddry talked to Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview for Warm Bodies, the zombie love story, and dishes what it was like the first time he saw himself as a zombie. "It was pretty awesome and it never got old either," he said and smiled broadly. "It's pretty narcissistic. You just find yourself staring in the mirror!"

As teased in the Warm Bodies trailer, the film tells the tale of an undead guy (Nicholas Hoult), making his way after the zombie apocalypse.

The battle between the walking dead and the humans who survived takes a different turn when Hoult's character, "R," saves Teresa Palmer (who plays Julie) and a little Romeo and Juliet theme is brought to the zombie movie genre. Corddry portrays Hoult's best friend who has an integral part in turning the tide of the humans versus zombie war that had previously shown no sign of subsiding.

The film joins a long line of zombie films that dates back decades (What's your favorite zombie movie?). Corddry also chimes in on what is his favorite zombie flick. "Dawn of the Dead, the mall one! I love it for so many reasons," Corddry admitted. "Zombie movies have always commented on society. The first one was about racism and the second one was so perfectly set in a mall exploring that culture."

Fresh off of Corddry admitting that there would be a Hot Tub Time Machine 2, he now tells Movie Fanatic -- what could be the most exciting news of all for Corddry fans -- that the comedic troupe behind his Children's Hospital is planning a movie!

"Yeah, we're talking about it," Corddry said. Although he cautions it won't be exactly Children's Hospital. "We haven't started writing it yet. It's going to be like a company -- same cast, crew, creative team. It will have the same tone -- absurd!"

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