Weekend Movie Preview: January 4, 2013

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Our first weekend movie preview of 2013 finds the studio behind Texas Chainsaw 3D hoping for a little horror deja vu. Last year during this very weekend, the scary flick The Devil Inside debuted to an astounding $34.5 million opening. Will Texas Chainsaw 3D achieve the same fate? With it being a relatively quiet weekend, what with the small releases of Andy Garcia's A Dark Truth and the military drama Allegiance opening in wider markets, it will face little competition. But, in the end, look for that little movie that could, The Hobbit, to keep chugging along.

Texas Chainsaw 3D: Picking up where the classic The Texas Chainsaw Massacre left off in 1974, the film that is being called a true sequel by filmmakers, hits screens as the first true horror film of 2013. As we state in our Texas Chainsaw 3D review, there is very little originality in the flick, but there is still something really compelling about the character of Leatherface. The young cast does their best with the material they are given, but it is not quite enough to make this a memorable scare at the cinema.

A Dark Truth: Andy Garcia plays an ex-CIA agent who is working as a radio talk show host when he gets an offer he cannot refuse. There is a war over water rights going on in South America and a former colleague of his, that he wronged back in the day, needs his help and this "mission" is his chance to make it right. As reported in our A Dark Truth review, the film raises some good questions and shines a light on a horror that is being fought that few know about. Will it shine a light on the water wars of South America? Perhaps... if enough people see it.

Allegiance: Talk about a film that simply rivets solely on its premise. A National Guard medic (Bow Wow) learns that his son is dying and only has weeks to live. Only, our medic is about to ship off to war. The military refuses his compassionate transfer request to a unit that is not being called up to fight in Iraq. It's 2004 and the war is raging with American casualties mounting. Meanwhile, the company's leader has been given a transfer and will avoid battle. Given that transfer's suspicious nature, Bow Wow plays on his superior officer's guilt and the two try to get the medic AWOL to be with his son. As we state in our Allegiance review, this is a solid drama that raises some powerful questions about service to one's country and duty to family.

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