Zombie Movies Bite: Vote for the Best!

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As teased in the Warm Bodies trailer, the film puts a unique spin on the zombie movie. Through decades of movies that celebrate the various lifestyles of the cinematic zombie, not one has utilized the Warm Bodies method of "curing" what ails those walking dead: Love! Cue the "ahhs."

Simon Pegg in Shaun of the Dead

Certain filmmakers have even made a career out of making zombie flicks, such as George A. Romero. His first film, Night of the Living Dead, may be one of the first zombie films, but it still has to rank near the top of all-time after all these years. And through the years, those infected souls that wander the world in search of brains to munch on have taken many different formats. One of Movie Fanatic's favorite takes on the plot point is Shaun of the Dead!

There is such variety in these films, one could argue that zombies have evolved from simple empty characters charged with one thing and that is eating humans, to an all-out metaphor for what ails society. One could also look around and see that maybe, just maybe, that vampire craze that was re-ignited with the Twilight Saga, has been replaced as the supernatural go-to anti-hero by the zombie. And that is not a second too soon.

Of all those zombie movies over the decades... vote in our poll and tell us:

What zombie movie is your favorite of all-time?

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