Best in Show Blu-Ray Review: Going to the Dogs

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It's hard to believe, but the instant classic Best in Show has yet to arrive on Blu-Ray. Thanks to Warner Bros., the film has finally landed with the highest definition picture and sound known to exist. Beyond stellar Best in Show quotes, the film serves as what is probably the last real great Christopher Guest movie and arguably the one he has been chasing success-wise ever since it premiered in 2000.

Best in Show Blu-Ray

The world of dog shows is ripe for the lampooning and Guest and his troupe of merry men and women rose to the challenge. Above all else, the Blu-Ray debut of the film is a chance to rediscover a gem in the comedy world. The cast of characters is well thought out and shines a light on the unique universe that is the world of dog shows.

Best in Show follows the merry adventures of several dog owners and their journey to be crowned top dog at the Mayflower Dog Show. The cast brings their A-game, particularly Parker Posey, Glee star Jane Lynch and Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara as a married couple with dreams of canine glory. And don't get us started on the dry humor exuded by creator and star Guest. Particularly funny is his bit about all the different kind of nuts out there!

The Best in Show Blu-Ray features deleted scenes that have never seen the light of day, which are hysterical and show how improv-savvy this comedic troupe is. The commentary by the film's co-creators Levy and Guest is especially interesting with the passage of time and their reflections on making one of the great comedies of our era.

That is unfortunately it in terms of extras; we wish there had been more... perhaps a blooper reel? But, in the end, Best in Show is a must own for any comedy fan and if you don't already have the DVD, now is the time to pick up the Blu-Ray and cherish Guest's humor forever.

Want further proof of this film's comedic excellence? Check out this clip of Coolidge... and you know much of this was ad-libbed!

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Best in Show Quotes

Buck Laughlin: Doctor, question that's always bothered me and a lot of people: Mayflower, combined with Philadelphia - a no-brainer, right? Cause this is where the Mayflower landed. Not so. It turns out Columbus actually set foot somewhere down in the West Indies. Little known fact.

Leslie and I have an amazing relationship and it's very physical, he still pushes all my buttons. People say 'oh but he's so much older than you' and you know what, I'm the one having to push him away. We have so much in common, we both love soup and snow peas, we love the outdoors, and talking and not talking. We could not talk or talk forever and still find things to not talk about.

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