Day of the Falcon Exclusive Clip: Antonio Banderas Goes Medieval

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Movie Fanatic is proud to present an exclusive clip premiere for the new Middle Eastern-set epic, Day of the Falcon. The film finds star Antonio Banderas returning to medieval times for the first time since his stellar turn in The 13th Warrior. Banderas is part of an ensemble cast in director Jean-Jacques Annaud's latest that also features Mark Strong (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy) and Freida Pinto (she of those terrific Slumdog Millionaire quotes).

The film lands March 1 -- currently available with Video On Demand -- and follows the story of two kingdoms who decide to halt their hateful war after decades and find ways to work together. The tale explores the evils of greed, the importance of honor and the balance between betrayal and love.

As teased in the Day of the Falcon trailer, the two kingdoms may have reached peace, but when oil is found between the two clans, the battle is reignited.

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