Escape from Planet Earth: George Lopez on Getting Animated

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George Lopez is no stranger to animated films (including Rio). In fact to say he appreciates the work they offer him is a gross understatement. Movie Fanatic caught up with Lopez for an exclusive video interview where he explains that animation work is a lot harder than it appears.

"Sometimes I think actors can underestimate animation and think that it's not really acting," Lopez said. "It's really serious. You want to make sure that when your voice is in the movie, that you're not the weak link."

Lopez also waxes poetic about who it was who inspired him to step on the stage in the first place to become a stand-up comic. "I have to say, without question, Richard Pryor," he admitted. "Towards the end of his life, he and I became friendly. I spoke at his funeral."

Taking that chance of stepping on a stage with only a microphone as company took some guts. And that chance that Lopez took has resulted in a hit TV show, an enormously successful stand-up career and movie success that only keeps growing. As teased in the Escape from Planet Earth trailer, this film should only enhance that standing.

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