Escape from Planet Earth: Jessica Alba & Rob Corddry on Being Blue

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When it came to seeing their characters for the first time in Escape from Planet Earth, Jessica Alba and Rob Corddry were taken by their stunning, albeit blue, good looks. "My character is very handsome," Corddry said in our exclusive video interview. See if you agree with Corddry with the Escape from Planet Earth trailer.

"I really liked how handsome his character was too," Alba concurred. As the two sat so close together in our interview, it was clear Alba was still taken by his presence. "I'm like putty in his hands."

Corddry seemed struck in his own way by Alba's talent for inhabiting a character that was perhaps a different color than expected. "When you found out your character was blue, that must have changed everything," Corddry said and Alba laughed.

If the duo seem to be a little giddy when talking about the animated family film that illustrates the extraterrestrial story from the alien point of view, it could be due to Corddry's natural funny talents. Corddry is fresh off of his number one box office turn in Warm Bodies and he is as funny in person as he is on screen.

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