Escape from Planet Earth: William Shatner Loves Being Bad

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Fresh off of part one of our interview, William Shatner on J.J. Abrams, where the sci-fi legend let his feelings be known about having the Star Trek director tackle the Star Wars franchise, we delve into his latest film, the animated Escape from Planet Earth for an exclusive video interview.

In the film where aliens fear the Dark Planet, aka Earth, we discover their apprehension towards our world is justified due to Shatner's evil General Shanker. The icon clearly agreed with the general acting sentiment that it is good to be bad, but cautioned that there is also a fine line to straddle... which as you can see in the Escape from Planet Earth trailer, he does impeccably. 

"Playing a villain is great fun, and I know all the actors say that," Shatner said. "But there's a hidden truth that the colors you bring to the villain can be more extreme than the hero. The complexity of that, being a villain -- but not too harsh a villain -- all leads to an interesting technical problem."

Escape from Planet Earth lands in theaters February 15 and the family adventure features a stellar cast, including Jessica Alba, Rob Corddry, Brendan Fraser, Sofia Vergara and George Lopez. Shatner admitted that doing voice-over work for animation is currently one of his great joys. "The grunt work for acting is learning the words. That's hard work. Since you don't have to do that with voice-over, it's pure escape and fun."

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