Sinister DVD Review: Ethan Hawke Takes on Horror

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As he told us in our Ethan Hawke exclusive interview, the actor had never done a horror movie before Sinister. But, there was something about this terrifying tale that had him at the get-go. Now that the film is out on DVD, Blu-Ray, Video on Demand and Digital Download, even more audiences can check out the scares from this uniquely horrifying horror movie.

Sinister DVD

Just check out the Sinister trailer and tell us you are not completely creeped out. Filmmakers behind the film have crafted a haunting entity at the heart of the scares that is one of the more fear-inducing we've seen onscreen in quite a while.

Hawke is Ellison Oswald, a true crime writer who has had blockbuster success in his past... but little recently. He moves his family to a house in a small town where a horrible mass murder of a family took place. He is seeking to write his next book with the hopes it will be another smash. Oswald needs a hit; he is running out of money to support his wife and family.

What he doesn't tell his wife is that the house they are renting in this small town is the exact locale where the crime took place. Soon enough as weird things start happening to their kids, the truth comes out. There is a demon of some kind at work here, and he has a documented history. Oswald learns of that past through 8mm films he mysteriously finds in the house's attic.

As we stated in our Sinister review when the film hit theaters, the movie is a refreshing take within a horror genre that can be more often stale than stellar. Hawke is brilliant and sinks his teeth into his best role in years.

The best of the bonus features is the commentary track laid down by writers Scott Derrickson (who is also director) and C. Robert Cargill. It's always, if done right, a fascinating experience to add to the cinematic experience by hearing those who crafted the tale in the first place.

Also, given the premise of the story and how much of the scares arrive from the fact that our family at the center of the drama lives in the house where the horror took place, the documentary Living in a House of Death is a nice addition to the Sinister movie experience.

Finally, given that Hawke plays a true crime novelist and that genre within the publishing world is as popular as ever, the featurette True Crime Authors gives those who appreciate that storytelling format an inside look at how they get to the bottom of their stories and bring the terrible crimes to life on their pages.

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Sinister Review

It would be easy to discount Sinister as another horror movie seeking to exploit the desire for good scares from the horror movie fan...

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