Benjamin Bratt: From Private Practice to Snitch

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Benjamin Bratt saw Snitch as a chance to play a guy who inhabits another galaxy in terms of his moral compass, compared to his most recent stint on a certain blockbuster TV series. "For me it was great timing. When I got the offer to do this film and shoot it, I was still working on a nighttime soap opera called Private Practice," Bratt said in our exclusive video interview.

"I played this idealized man [on the show]. This perfect doctor/boyfriend. It was wonderful and refreshing to step into the shoes of someone who is altogether more ominous."

We actually asked Bratt, first and foremost, given his first-hand experience on the subject: Do snitches get stitches?!

As seen in the Snitch trailer, there was something in the drug lord at the heart of Snitch that Bratt plays that isn't present in your usual movie kingpin. "[He's] not stereotypically portrayed. We've seen this kind of character -- but I love Ric's take on this," Bratt said of his writer-director. "This guy is likely ex-paramilitary, but at the end of the day he's a savvy businessman. These guys are technologically advanced and well-learned."

You should read what the film's creator said about Bratt in our Ric Roman Waugh exclusive interview!

In Snitch, Dwayne Johnson plays a father who will go to the ends of the earth to protect his son when he is arrested for drug trafficking. So too would Bratt's character... and thus the powerful conflict. "They have a family to protect," Bratt added.

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