Steven Soderbergh Calls it Quits: Vote for His Best

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Steven Soderbergh has repeatedly said that Side Effects will be his final film to debut in theaters for some time. You may call it a retirement, Movie Fanatic would prefer to call it a "break." Perhaps that is wishful thinking, as we learned in our Steven Soderbergh interview. The man shook Hollywood to its core with his Cannes Festival victory for sex, lies and videotape and hasn't stopped since.

This is the filmmaker who gave us those unforgettable Oceans 11 quotes with its subsequent sequels, the sizzle that is Out of Sight, the action star that will be Gina Carano in Haywire and the man behind the movie (Erin Brockovich) that gave Julia Roberts her Oscar.

The Cast of Ocean's 13

Side Effects features many of the actors that Soderbergh has worked with over the years including Haywire and Magic Mike star Channing Tatum, Contagion star Jude Law and an actress he worked with on Ocean's 12 and Traffic, Catherine Zeta Jones.

Given his wide array of films...

What is your favorite Steven Soderbergh movie?

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