Super Bowl Trailers: Which Scored a Touchdown?

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Super Bowl trailers were off a bit this year in terms of volume, but not quality. Last year saw a dozen different flicks hawking their potential during the big game. This year, we had seven... but what a set it was! We want to know which of the sizzling seven got you going by voting in the latest Movie Fanatic poll.

Chris Pine Star Trek Into Darkness

There was the Star Trek: Into Darkness Super Bowl trailer that did nothing but send the already high anticipation of fans everywhere through the roof. We can gather even more how Benedict Cumberbatch fits into the film... but much mystery still remains.

Then, the World War Z Super Bowl spot starring Brad Pitt wowed as audiences finally saw more into the world that first terrified us on the pages of Max Brooks' book.

Was your favorite the Oz: The Great and Powerful Super Bowl big game trailer that continued to give us great wonder as to what on earth this film could be? From every single sneak peek we've had, our fascination with this new world of Oz compels further.

One of the most surprising teasers to air during the big game that saw the Baltimore Ravens emerge champs was the Fast and Furious 6 Super Bowl trailer that showed why the franchise was so invigorated by the last installment: The addition of Dwayne Johnson. This time out, it appears our new franchise favorite is teaming up with the racing crew. Color us intrigued...

Honestly, the Iron Man 3 Super Bowl trailer had us vexed. It was not so much of a trailer as a clip that truly left us hanging. Sure, that was the point of the Marvel Studios spot. Of all the Super Sunday teasers, Movie Fanatic has to give it to the filmmakers behind Iron Man 3 for putting its movie out there, based solely on one scene. And what a scene it was... Iron Man rescuing people falling from a disabled Air Force One! Wow.

Iron Man 3 Extremis Still

Before the game even began, what could be described as the most thrilling trailer aired: The Lone Ranger Super Bowl trailer. Tell me that ending on the top of the train isn't enough to get you in the seats this summer?

Lastly, The Rock went two-for-two with his second spot to air in front of the biggest TV audience of the year. The Snitch Super Bowl spot set the stage for the based on a true story action flick that shows how far a father will go to protect his son.

What was your favorite Super Bowl trailer?

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