Top 10 Movie Music Moments: Part Two Finds Paradise City!

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Movie Fanatic recently released our Top 10 Favorite Music Moments from Movies, and now we revisit it for a sequel. That's right... there are so many unforgettable moments of music in the movies that we had to craft another top 10.

So, without further ado, here are our next 10 Favorite Music Moments from Movies:

10. Stuck in the Middle with You from Reservoir Dogs
How could anyone forget about Michael Madsen and his sadistic dance-laden torture scene from Quentin Tarantino's first film, Reservoir Dogs? The master filmmaker's legendary touches were all present, most notably his affinity for choosing the right music for his scenes. This film is just one part of the astounding Blu-Ray release of all the filmmaker's work on one Blu-Ray set... check out our Tarantino XX review.

9. Sister Christian from Boogie Nights
It is one of the most harrowing scenes in Boogie Nights. As Mark Wahlberg's character saw his porn career start to fade, he and his co-horts get into the drug trade. One particular night, they roll up on Alfred Molina's house for a drug deal and you could cut the tension in this scene with a knife. Even though the soft sounds of Night Ranger performing Sister Christian permeate, look at the drugged-up trio sitting on the couch, flinching every time Molina's quirky friend drops a firecracker that could be mistaken for a gunshot.

Then, as the song itself builds into its crescendo, the viewer can only wonder if these three will make it out alive. For more on this flick, check out our Boogie Nights quotes.

8. Swinging on a Star from Hudson Hawk
When Bruce Willis and Danny Aiello need a method to work out the exact timing of a heist, they turn to a crooning classic with Swinging on a Star. That is really Willis' and Aiello's singing voice!

7. Damone's 5-Point Plan Scene from Fast Times at Ridgemont High
In a stroke of hilarity that was only noticed by Led Zeppelin fans, Damone's love prodigy did not listen to the man issuing the advice for his first date. Damone says in one of those fabulous Fast Times at Ridgemont High quotes, "When making out, always listen to side one of Led Zeppelin Four." What does our love struck teenager do... he puts on Kashmir from Physical Graffiti. Maybe if he had put on side one of Led Zeppelin 4 as instructed, the night would have worked out better.

6. Paradise City from Can't Hardly Wait
When one of the biggest geeks in the school sneaks his way into a graduation party in order to sabotage it, he winds up drunk, having the time of his life and grabbing the microphone and belting out Guns and Roses' Paradise City. This clip and these Can't Hardly Wait quotes are pure adolescent joy!

5. Hippy Hippy Shake from Cocktail
Tom Cruise and Bryan Brown are on their A-game in one of the most iconic scenes in Cruise's career. As the Georgia Satellites' Hippy Hippy Shake (you might have also heard the version by the Beatles) cranks, the two bartenders go into their best acrobatic frenzy creating a beverage. In hindsight watching this scene, it's kind of hard to believe we made heroes out of drink slingers, but with the Satellites jamming in the background and Cruise's million-dollar smile, it still works after all these years.

The film was just released on Blu-Ray for the first time... check out our exclusive interview with Cocktail director Roger Donaldson!

4. Tiny Dancer from Almost Famous
In Almost Famous, Cameron Crowe's tribute to his Rolling Stone writing youth, the entire movie pivots on one particular moment when it appears that the band on their way to massive success is about to fall apart. Then, Elton John's Tiny Dancer plays and band unity is restored. It is an iconic scene from an astoundingly powerful movie.

3. Johnny Be Goode from Back to the Future
Would the Enchantment by the Sea dance have been the success it was without Marty McFly giving those 1950's kids a taste of what was coming their way in the form of rock and roll? Hardly, and Michael J. Fox really singing and playing the Chuck Berry classic made it all the more memorable. Not only did Robert Zemeckis' film have great Back to the Future quotes, but a rocking soundtrack too!

Michael J. Fox Back to the Future

2. Afternoon Delight from Anchorman
Perfectly capturing the era, when the cast of Anchorman suddenly breaks into four-part harmony on Afternoon Delight, it is just one more example of the comic masterpiece that is Will Ferrell's most legendary film. In addition to those incredible Anchorman quotes, Afternoon Delight is another highlight in a movie filled with classic moments.

1. Bohemian Rhapsody from Wayne's World
Want to know how powerful it was when Wayne and his buddies sat in Garth's Pacer and lip synched the Queen classic Bohemian Rhapsody? A decade old song went back up the charts and hit number one! Plus, it would be hard to argue that there is more of a pop culture legendary scene crafted by a Saturday Night Live vet onscreen than this little ditty. Be sure to check out our Wayne's World quotes for more on this classic film.

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