Tournament of Movie Fanatic Franchises Bracket: Round 1 Results Are In!

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The first round of the Tournament of Movie Fanatic Franchises Bracket has come to and end, and the results are in! There were some upsets, some landslides, and one matchup that was decided by just a few votes, on the road to be crowned the best movie franchise ever.

Scroll down to see the winners, then take a look at how the bracket shapes up for Round 2! Voting will open for the second round beginning Monday!

Back to the Future Picture

The eight-seed Back to the Future franchise upset the one-seed Toy Story 55.8% to 44.2%

In the least surprising result, Star Wars movies beat Scream movies a whopping 90% to 10%

Batman beat his DC compatriot Superman 74.4% to 25.6%

In what was our closest result, the Star Trek franchise just edged out Harry Potter, 51% to 49%

Ghostbusters handily beat Bourne 77.6% to 22.4%

Dr. No Poster

The classic James Bond franchise destroyed the modern cult favorite Blood and Ice Cream trilogy 85.1% to 14.9%

Indiana Jones beat one of the most respected franchises in history, The Godfather, 78.7% to 21.3%

And finally, the Goliath The Lord of the Rings beat Evil Dead 82.9% to 17.1%

Franchises Bracket Round 2

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