Warm Bodies: Dave Franco on Unique Zombie Tale

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Dave Franco plays a huge part in the plot of Warm Bodies. Although he may lose the girl (Teresa Palmer) to a zombie, it is through his characterization that our zombie named "R" is able to find common ground with Palmer's Julie. We met Franco for an exclusive video interview where the actor was just a tad on the excited side to join the legacy of zombie movies that continues with his that is so different, as eloquently teased in this Warm Bodies trailer.

"On paper, people are going to see it as another zombie movie. But, it's got a fresh tone. it's a zombie movie, but you're laughing with it. It's self aware. It's sweet too," Franco said. What are his favorites? "My top two are 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead."

Franco has been on quite a run of late, with his turns in films as different as 21 Jump Street, Greenberg and Fright Night. The actor, who is also quite an accomplished writer, believes that working across genres keeps him inspired. "I do want to do a little bit of everything," Franco said.

As a writer, Franco also tells us what he looks for in a script for him to want to be involved. "You take a movie like this, where zombies exist, even within that world, everything has to feel real and logical," Franco admitted. "I look for the logic in stories."

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