Weekend Movie Preview: February 22, 2013

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The weekend movie preview only finds two new films out this week, and they both skew male in terms of their appeal. Dwayne Johnson is back in action in Snitch and the makers of Paranormal Activity and Sinister bring us the unique alien invasion flick Dark Skies.

Snitch: Johnson is a father of a young man who is framed for drug trafficking. When he can't turn in any drug cartel higher-ups, he is sentenced to a harsh mandatory minimum. Johnson agrees to go undercover in the drug world and serve as the titular guy, in hopes of freeing his son from jail. As we stated in our Snitch review, the film is based on a true story... but is a little heavy-handed and not as heartfelt as it needs to be.

Dark Skies: This is a film that takes the alien invasion concept and actually provides something new. Think of it as if the humans were rats in a lab and the aliens are the doctors in white lab coats. Even scarier, what if we had no idea that we were being experimented on? As reported in our Dark Skies review, the cast brings their A-game and fans of the horror meets sci-fi genre will appreciate every moment. And it has an ending that is likely to shock!

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