William Shatner on J.J. Abrams: What a "Pig"

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William Shatner has a right to his opinion due to his legendary status in the science fiction community, but also as a longtime fan of the genre. So, when we asked the star of Escape from Planet Earth his thoughts on the Star Trek Into Darkness helmer leading a new franchise... you better listen.

Shatner did not mince words in our exclusive video interview when it comes to his opinion on the news J.J. Abrams to direct Star Wars Episode VII. "He's being a pig," Shatner said. He does believe in the man, but thinks this news may be too much. "He's probably the most talented director of that ilk we have. But, he's gone too far this time."

The icon also dishes about how he has a relationship with Abrams and the two have met often for "sushi dinners" as Abrams sought his counsel and expertise in the Star Trek world and sci-fi as a whole. Shatner believes that the newly minted director of Star Wars needs to call him... because it's time for another dinner. Sounds like being summoned by the Godfather, no?!

Stay with Movie Fanatic for the rest of our Shatner interview and more from the Escape from Planet Earth cast -- including our Jessica Alba Sin City A Dame to Kill For exclusive dish -- all this week.

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