Avatar 2 and 3 Update from James Cameron

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Remember Avatar? That highest-grossing movie of all time that came out a few years ago?

Remember James Cameron? That director of both of the top 2 highest-grossing movies of all time that's only made two feature films since 1997 (Titanic being the other one)?

Well, Both are coming back!

Jake and Neytiri

We've known for a little while that there would be two Avatar sequels. But Cameron recently gave an update in an interview with Play Goes Strong, where he claims, "I'm deep into it and I'm living in Pandora right now."

Cameron is writing the scripts for the two new films in semi-isolation in New Zealand. Asked if he felt pressure to top the first film, he said "Pressure, no. It's a little daunting because...you have to be surprising and stay ahead of audience anticipation. At the same time, you have to massage their feet with things that they know and love about the first film."

As for a release date, while they were originally targeting December 2014 and December 2015 releases, Cameron says it all depends on when he finishes the scripts. Stay tuned for more details as they come.

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