Dead Man Down: Colin Farrell on Revenge Versus Redemption

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Colin Farrell found something interesting in the storyline of his latest film Dead Man Down beyond its revenge-based premise.

The Irish actor talked to Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview and rebuffed the thought that when one watches the Dead Man Down trailer, it would be easy to assume that the movie is a pure revenge story.

Farrell sees much more and it has to do with his electric chemistry with co-star Noomi Rapace (Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows). "The thing that interested me the most was the relationship my character has with Noomi's character, which gives some emotional context to all the violence," Farrell said.

"I thought there was something about these two isolated, lonely and fractured characters who had both experienced incredibly violent and painful life-changing experiences and both were dead set on the quest for revenge."

Movie Fanatic even got a little insight into how Farrell is involved in the highly anticipated film that he has upcoming with Tom Hanks, Saving Mr. Banks. The film dives into the making of Disney's film Mary Poppins and Farrell loved exploring the literary origins of a modern classic.

"I play a gentleman named Travers Goff, who is the father of the woman who wrote the Mary Poppins series of books," Farrell teased. Did we mention that Hanks is playing Walt Disney?!

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