Indiana Jones vs. Ghostbusters: Tournament of Movie Fanatic Franchises Bracket Semi-finals Begin!

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The semi-finals of our Franchises Bracket are here! With only four movie franchises left in the tournament, we are inching closer and closer to declaring our winner.

Before we move on to today's matchup, let's recap which amazing franchises didn't make it this far: Toy Story, Back to the Future, The Godfather, The Bourne Series, Batman, Superman, Scream, The Lord of the Rings, Evil Dead, the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, Harry Potter, and Star Trek.

Today's matchup is Indiana Jones vs. Ghostbusters. Vote below, then scroll down to read about how each franchise got here, and check out the full bracket at the bottom of the page.

And the Winner is?

The semi-finals are here! One of these franchises will advance to our Franchise Bracket Championship! The first of two semis matchups pits Indiana Jones against Ghostbusters. Which franchise do you like better? View Poll »

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

Indiana Jones


Total Votes: 337

Indiana Jones Franchise:

The Indiana Jones franchise made it out of the last round by handily beating back Michael J. Fox and his Back to the Future films. The 68% to 32% trouncing caught us by surprise. Sure, we know the Indiana Jones series is iconic, but Back to the Future has an enormous and passionate following.

Now that we’ve moved to the next round it can be said that Indiana Jones has to be considered a favorite to take this entire tourney. Harrison Ford made the character a household name when Raiders of the Lost Ark premiered in 1981, so much so that the name Indiana Jones has become synonymous with the vocation of archeology.

Guess the combination of the franchise being from the minds of George Lucas and Steven Spielberg could also explain the series’ staying power and powerful momentum heading into this next round in the battle of the franchises.

For more fun from the series, check out these Indiana Jones quotes.

Ghostbusters Franchise:

Ghostbusters is the only comedy left in our franchises bracket, and deservedly so. Take perhaps the greatest comedic actor in history, Bill Murray, pair him up with fellow SNL castmember Dan Aykroyd, accomplished actor/screenwriter Harold Ramis, and celebrated 80's comedic director Ivan Reitman, and you get one of the best movie franchises ever.

Sci-fi/supernatural comedy has become an increasingly popular genre, but none have done it better than Ghostbusters. The film beat Bourne 77.6% to 22.4% in round 1, and Batman 63.4% to 36.6% in round 2 to advance to the semi-finals.

And while there are only two Ghostbusters films, both hold a special place in the hearts of movie fanatics everywhere. For those of us who haven't yet gotten their fill, a Ghostbusters 3 is in the works.

Head to our Ghostbusters franchise quotes page for more.

Franchises Bracket Semi-Finals

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