Star Trek Into Darkness International Trailer: None of You Are Safe

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The international trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness has landed and with it clocking in at over two minutes, there is much to feast our eyes on. The footage debuted at 12 a.m. PST all over the globe.

What did we learn from this teaser that gives us much more than the previous Star Trek Into Darkness trailer? Well, it's nice to hear from Peter Weller whose character lets us know that the man who has caused all this destruction is "one of our top agents."

And one of our favorite lines thus far from Star Trek Into Darkness is Chris Pine as Captain Kirk as he looks our villain in the face and says, "I will make you answer for what you did." Honestly, who doesn't love a good vengeance story?!

The rumors have been ablaze that the villain this time out is some sort of version of Khan. But in all seriousness, the sequel to 2009's Star Trek appears to be the Khan-type revenge story, but in reverse where Kirk is leading the charge of retribution.

As the clock ticks by and we get closer to the film's release date, count on more hints. But, given that this is an Abrams film and he is notorious for keeping his plot close to his chest... don't think we'll get too much. And that's why we love his films!

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