Temptation: Brandy Norwood Dishes Movies, Music & TV Success

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Brandy Norwood is as multifaceted of a performer as exists today and of all her success, Norwood could not be more excited about appearing in her first Tyler Perry film, Temptation.

Brandy Norwood Tyler Perry's Temptation

She is a multi-platinum recording artist, has appeared on hit shows (Moesha and currently The Game) and hit movies (I Still Know What You Did Last Summer). When we caught up with Norwood for an exclusive interview, it was clear her career-defining moment is right now, thanks to the prolific Perry.

“It's his spirit and his honesty,” Norwood said of why Perry is so popular. “I think he's relatable. It just feels like he's hung out with these different people and created stories about their lives. And every one of his films, you feel like you know a person like the characters in your life. I think that's what makes him so powerful.”

Now that she’s done the entire Tyler Perry experience with Temptation, she personally sees something in him that has talented people coming back for more -- his selfless generosity. 

“He's just so humble and down to earth and so appreciative for everything that he has accomplished. He's not afraid to give that back and to help others. He opens the door for so many people and I'm one of them,” Norwood said.

Norwood even admitted that she had been waiting for that phone to ring and to have Perry on the line offering her a part in one of his movies (What are Tyler Perry’s Top 10 Movies?).

“When I got the call to do this movie, I was like, 'Whoa. I've been waiting for you to call just to see if I could audition for something.’”

The multifaceted talent has been an appreciator of Perry’s work for years and is as much of a fan as the millions who flock to see his movies and plays. “To be in this movie is everything because I'm a fan. I started off watching the plays on DVD. So it's a dream come true to be in a movie that he's directing, a movie that he's written, and then to be a part of something so powerful,” Norwood admitted.

Lance Goss Brandy Norwood Tyler Perry's Temptation

As teased in the Temptation trailer, the film follows a married couple where the wife is drawn into a forbidden relationship that threatens all those involved. Norwood portrays a woman who is friends with the husband, who herself carries a sinful secret.

“The message in this movie is intense. I felt like so many people have these battles in their relationships and battles with not following that inner voice. You know that intuition that's telling you, 'No!’ I felt like a lot of people could relate to that message.”

As her character has a secret that she has been running from, Norwood also appreciated that despite everything else that Perry has going on in his script, there are still priceless moments for lessons, even in regards to her supporting player.

“People get confused what running is instead of what confronting is. Sometimes people feel like when you run away from your past, you're being brave -- and you're not. You're being a coward,” Norwood said. “It's just great to see every story unfold where the characters have to confront their stuff in order to move onward and upward.”

Lastly, of all the arenas Norwood has conquered in popular culture… is there one that is more deeply personal for her?

Brandy Photo

“They're all different. But, music for me is me. It's the way that I can express my being, myself. It's very personal to me. It's a way that I can relate to other people as well and help other people in their life so that they won't feel alone. People don't want to feel like they're all by themselves, and that's what my music does for me,” Norwood said.

Yet, there is something about acting that she just cannot get enough of -- in fact, she hopes Perry calls her once again. “I’d read the phone book for Tyler,” she said and laughed.

“With acting, I get a chance to challenge myself -- to bring honesty and truth to someone completely different than me. I love the challenge of that. I just want to keep working towards making that a more natural transition for me, because I love acting as well. The acting business is so much better than the music business. We get lunch! We get dinner!”

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