The Croods Trailer: We've Been in That Cave Forever!

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The Croods, an animated pre-historic animated family film, has unleashed its latest trailer. Featured more prominently than the previous The Croods trailer is the unique joy of the cast inhabiting roles of not quite evolved humans. See, the family Crood are the last of their kind. They exist between cavemen and homo sapiens and the world around them is changing physically and metaphorically.

This third trailer from the Fox film shows off the vocal talents of the full cast from Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Catherine Keener and Ryan Reynolds to Cloris Leachman as Grandma.

Cage and his family must leave the comfy confines of their cave and head out into the world as geological shifts make it uninhabitable. Stone's character doesn't seem to mind as she so loudly states in the trailer, "We've been in that cave forever!"

On the road they meet Reynolds' character, a more evolved human who catches Stone's eye... all to the dismay of Cage. Check out our initial thoughts on The Croods footage we saw at a recent DreamWorks Animation presentation.

Look for the kids to start requesting a seat at this flick when it opens March 22.

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