The Host: Diane Kruger Talks Being Bad... Or Is She?

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Diane Kruger stars in The Host and even while filming the movie -- she never grasped the fullness of the madness that is the fan base devoted to author Stephenie Meyer. But, when we caught up with the actress, she now keenly understands it. There was a book signing with Meyer and the cast recently for The Host book and thousands of people showed up.

Diane Kruger The Host

“That was insane,” Kruger said. “That was my first time doing anything like that and there were people crying… crazy!”

As The Host lands in theaters, the latest world from the Twilight Saga bestselling author seems to have a groundswell of support from the writer’s diehard fans. Kruger wouldn’t mind if even a fraction of those Meyer faithful shows up for The Host.

“Listen, if a third of the Twilight fans would show up that would be amazing! Obviously I knew Twilight was huge and I want to see it myself, but I didn't quite understand the phenomenon that Stephanie Meyer is and I've got to say it was overwhelming,” Kruger admitted.

“I don't make teenage films, so I've never had to do anything like this -- like sign posters without the movie even having been released! The devotion of those people is actually super cool.”

One of the standout parts of filming The Host is Kruger was one of the few people who got to drive the Lotus Chrome. They are the automobile of choice for the alien invaders who have taken over most of the human population. “It was definitely cool. That picture of me and the Lotus went to all my guy friends and they were just a little psyched,” Kruger said.

The story of the film, teased in The Host trailer, follows a rebel (Saoirse Ronan) who tries to kill herself, rather than be caught and possessed by the aliens. Because she is so strong, when she is captured, her inner voice manages to survive and her mere presence could lead to a human revolution.

Kruger portrays the alien, or “Soul”, charged with tracking her down and bringing her back the alien fold. She can easily be seen as a villain, but Kruger sees her in a grey area of good versus bad. “Well, the jury's still out if she's bad or not,” Kruger said. “That's what I thought was interesting actually. Like who's actually the bad person, the human or the alien? It was interesting to be pleasantly terrifying.”

The Host Diane Kruger

Meyer has promised that The Host will be a trilogy and in our Saoirse Ronan interview the star said that she would have to see a script as to whether she would return to the role of the rebel who is possessed by an alien.

Kruger too was vague on returning. “Well, she is alive at the end. I didn't sign for any sequel. I don't even know if there is going to be a sequel,” Kruger said.

“The second book's not finished or not written so I don't know. It would depend if that character goes anywhere -- like I don't want to just be in the movie. So we'll see. But it would be cool if she really turns out to be the bad guy and she's actually a nuisance as a human to the humans. That would be interesting."

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