Weekend Movie Preview: March 1, 2013

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The first weekend movie preview of March is like the month itself, it has come in like a lion. Two films debut that are already being touted as the best of the year, Stoker and The Sweeney. Yet, both are opening in a smaller number of theaters than the two other fun films that are sure to wow audiences: Jack the Giant Slayer and 21 and Over.

Jack the Giant Slayer: Nicholas Hoult continues his hit streak after his turn in Warm Bodies, portraying the title character in Jack the Giant Slayer. Any resemblance to the iconic fairy tale is small, as this is far more vast and thrilling than that little beanstalk story could ever be. The cast is impressive, with Ewan McGregor and Stanley Tucci taking turns stealing scenes. The effects are incredible, the story riveting and, as we state in our Jack the Giant Slayer review, it's fun for all.

21 and Over: The writers of The Hangover present another party where slosh-ness gets our characters in trouble. This time out the laughs aren't quite as funny, but the three leads do the best they can with the material given. The standout here is Miles Teller who shows a level of comic timing that we never knew he had in him. As reported in our 21 and Over review, if college drunkenness as humor is your cup of Long Island iced tea, then you'll love this film.

Stoker: In what we are already calling the best movie of the year (so far), Nicole Kidman stars as the matriarch of the Stoker family. They are kin who show little love, and tragedy seems to follow their every move. The film is beautifully shot, thrilling and Alice in Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska puts on a clinic. As we said in our Stoker review, if this film had come out later in the year, it would jump to the front of the Oscar line.

The Sweeney: If English crime dramas are something you enjoy, then you would be hard pressed to find one better in recent memory than The Sweeney. Based on the hit TV series about an elite London police team, Ray Winstone stars as their leader and his power is felt throughout. Damian Lewis (Homeland) is featured as his boss, someone who supports, yet still keeps a keen eye on Winstone's crew. Our The Sweeney review goes further into this masterwork of English cinema.

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