World War Z Trailer & Poster Reveal: They're Coming!

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World War Z has unleashed its second straight wickedly effective teaser after the previous World War Z trailer, and the dramatic intensity has only been heightened. Brad Pitt stars as a United Nations representative who is crossing the globe chronicling what appears to be a full-on zombie apocalypse.

As The Walking Dead prepares to close out its latest scorching season and the fantastic Warm Bodies opened at number one at the box office, it seems that zombies are the new supernatural story mode of choice.

In the new World War Z trailer, several things compel. The image of zombies turning over the bus is just a little scary. Audiences will clearly sense the impending danger from that simple moment.

What else was clear is this is a zombie story, yes, but it also has the emotional pull of a family drama at its heart.

And then there's the final 20 seconds. Pitt on a plane and there's a little bit of a rumble. Cue jaw drop. Paramount also released a new poster for the film based on the bestselling book by Max Brooks.

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World War Z lands in theaters June 21 and also stars the man who told us all about it in our Matthew Fox exclusive interview.

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