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Tom Cruise rockets back into action in Oblivion, adding another chapter to his building cinematic life history.

Cruise first impressed us in Taps, and has since built a career that any actor or actress should envy. Cruise's work is filled with iconic movie moments that have stood the test of time and could be put into a time vault and sealed as an example of what movies mean to the human race.

Tom Cruise Risky Business

From his dancing in his undies to Old Time Rock n' Roll in Risky Business, Cruise's flipping bottles in Cocktail, unveiling his singing voice in Top Gun, to his verbal battle with Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men and even his dropping into the CIA in Mission Impossible, it is kind of a mission impossible to choose our favorite. But, that's why we ask you!

What is Tom Cruise's best movie moment?

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Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Photo

Tom Cruise has gone from beloved actor to possible nut job. He's married to Katie Holmes, in case you hadn't heard that. Still, you can't argue with the fact that this guy makes very entertaining movies. We loved Top Gun and Jerry MaGuire.

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