Broken City DHD Review: Brave New World

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Movie Fanatic was asked to review the DHD, or digital hi-def, release of the Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg thriller Broken City. The film arrives in the format a full three weeks before the DVD and Blu-Ray. And folks, it is the wave of the future!

As you can tell from our Broken City review from when the film hit theaters earlier this year... we quite enjoyed the political thriller. It features Crowe as a less than savory New York mayor and Wahlberg as an NYPD officer who takes the rap for a little revenge gone wrong... all in the name of saving political face.

Russell Crowe Mark Wahlberg Broken City

If watching our home video releases in the DHD format is the way the business is headed, Movie Fanatic could not be more encouraging of the evolution. Although we, like everyone, enjoy having a collection of films in our home that show off our love of the storytelling format, there are several pluses to the digital download format worth highlighting.

1) Time
If you missed the film in the theaters, especially nowadays when films can barely spend two weeks on the big screen, time is of the essence. Why wait weeks to witness your highly anticipated movie when it is available in the highest quality picture and sound format? Most people have TV sets that feature an output that connects to a computer... so why not use it and make the home video experience exactly the same as that of a Blu-Ray or DVD.

2) The Environment
Everything one would get by purchasing the DVD or Blu-Ray is available on the DHD release. Bonus features? Check! Scene selection? Check! It is essentially like having the actual video in your hand, without the resources drained to actually create a physical video for your home. Why not save the raw materials in disc creation, not to mention the trees that will be saved by not having to print an insert, cover and those random promo papers that always seem to come with home video purchases lately?

3) Still Forever
One of the best parts of owning a film is the fact that it can be viewed as many times as you want. Previously, video digital downloads had limited the number of times one can view a film. Now, you own it... period. You can watch the film, and the bonus features, as many times as you want, for as long as you want. All without adding clutter to your home!

Mark Wahlberg Broken City

4) Convenience
Not only can viewers be entertained by Broken City on their big screen TV, but the flick can also be viewed on any of your portable devices, from laptops, to iPhones and iPads or like devices. Take Broken City anywhere you go.

As teased in the Broken City trailer, the film is a pot-boiling thriller with Wahlberg and Crowe giving out-of-this-world performances. The story is timely as politics never seem to go out of fashion when it comes to a means to tell a terrific and suspenseful story. And let's not forget the ice queen performance turned in by Catherine Zeta Jones as Crowe's long-suffering wife. Just like the film itself, it is powerful, intense and provocative!

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