Disconnect: Jason Bateman on His Gadget Go-To

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Jason Bateman has never hid his passion for the tech world and that adoration has filtered into his work with his latest film Disconnect. The movie follows several intertwining stories where the internet and tech gadgets are central to the drama that engulfs the players.

Although it would be easy to see the film teased in the Disconnect trailer as a moral-based movie, in our exclusive video interview, Bateman cautions that it is so much more.

“I don’t think we’re trying to teach any lessons here. Anything that’s interesting has the potential to wake you up and open your eyes about something, but that’s certainly not the intention,” Bateman said. “There’s an obvious message that anything in excess will either hurt you or lead to a great movie.”

He admits that he can fall prey to the lure of the online world. “I know I can go a little bit too heavy on my internet usage,” Bateman said.

When asked what his tech gadget go-to is, Bateman doesn’t flinch. “I’m a big iPhone guy, and I can’t think of it any more highly,” he said. Yet, he admits needing to be conscious of how much is too much. “I have two little girls and a wife… and I try to be disciplined not to spend too much time focused on the iPhone and not with them.”

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