Jason Bateman Says Horrible Bosses 2 Starts Shooting This Summer

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We caught up with Jason Bateman for an exclusive video interview to talk about his latest film, teased in the Disconnect trailer, and got the scoop that his hit film Horrible Bosses will begin shooting the sequel in late summer.

“I’m looking to having a really, really good time. We start that in August,” Bateman said. “We’re tweaking a bunch of stuff right now.”

Bateman’s clearly overjoyed about being able to return to work with co-stars Jason Sudeikis and Charlie Day in another go-around of the three guys and their continuing adventures dealing with such Horrible Bosses. "We had a lot of fun,” Bateman said.

A simple reminder of the hilarity that Bateman, Sudeikis and Day spawned is all over these Horrible Bosses quotes! “Not a lot of work gets done when you’re having that much fun.”

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Horrible Bosses Quotes

Julia: "Let's have sex on top of her! Let's use her like a bed!"
Dale: "That's crossing the line!!!"

Dale: (Looking at sexually explicit photos of himself with Julia) "We did all of this while I was unconscious?"
Julia: "Mmmhmm. Yep."
Dale: "You're a raper, you raped me, that's a rape!"
Julia: "Just relax there, Jodie Foster. Your dick wasn't even hard."
Dale: "That does not give me any relief."

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