Man of Steel Trailer: He'll Be a God to Them

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The latest, and longest, trailer for Man of Steel has landed and fans should be delighted with the over three minutes of footage that director Zack Snyder has unleashed on the world. What can be said about the power of this trailer other than it begins with Russell Crowe's voice-over as Jor-El as he is essentially witnessing the destruction of his planet and has to say goodbye to his son.

Crowe continues the voice-over that truly sets the tone of the film, more so than any previous Man of Steel trailer. Then Snyder adds even more emotion by having lines said by Kevin Costner (Clark's Earth father) talking to his son about "why" he was put on this planet. It all adds up to one of the more powerful trailers we've seen for a summer movie yet this year.

Amy Adams' Lois Lane then takes over the voice-over and explains how this man has become a "ghost"... and how do you "find someone who has spent a lifetime covering his tracks?" See... more of this story is coming into view!

Oh, and lest we forget: There's also a great scene teased with Adams as she is "interviewing" Superman. Finally, fresh off the Zod Man of Steel viral video released earlier... Michael Shannon reveals his General Zod, and boom! We have drama!

It's going to be difficult, but we all have to wait until the film lands June 14.

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