Star Trek Into Darkness Character Posters: Scotty & Chekov!

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The Star Trek: Into Darkness character posters continue to premiere. On the heels of the Star Trek: Into Darkness Japanese trailer that was released this morning, we are proud to present the Scotty and Chekov character posters. And, is it us, or do you notice a theme in these character-themed posters? Everyone's running!

The Chris Pine poster has his Captain Kirk racing through a red forest of some kind while his adversary in the John Harrison poster (featuring Benedict Cumberbatch) finds the film's villain also high-tailing it somewhere. Guess there's a whole lot of urgency of some sort in J.J. Abrams' sequel to 2009's Star Trek.

The Simon Pegg-starring poster has his Scotty racing...

Star Trek Into Darkness Scotty Poster

But, the streak is broken as the youngest member of the Enterprise crew, Chekov (Anton Yelchin), uses his character poster to showcase his serious look forward as he sits on the bridge of the Enterprise.

Star Trek Into Darkness Chekov Poster

Something tells us that Paramount is not done putting out trailers, clips or posters... especially as the film's release date of May 17 inches ever closer.

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