This is the End 4/20 Video Promotes Tomorrow's "Holliday"

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Tomorrow is 4/20. I won't explain to the uninitiated what that indicates (if you don't know, Google it).

In honor of the "holiday," though, there's a new promo for This is The End. It doesn't seem like a stoner comedy, as such, but given that it uses a lot of the same players from Pineapple Express, I think it counts.

The promo promises that if you buy advanced tickets for This is The End tomorrow, they will buy you "munchies."

Seth Rogen, James Franco (Oz the Great and Powerful), Jonah Hill, Jay Baruschel, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson star as themselves in the apocalyptic comedy. Rogen also co-wrote and co-directed the film with Evan Goldberg.

Catch This is the End in theaters June 12. Watch the This is the End red band trailer to see more.

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