This is the End: Seth Rogen, Danny McBride & Craig Robinson Talk Chaos Comedy

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Hot on the heels of the This is the End red band trailer premiere, Movie Fanatic caught up with the writer, director and cast of the apocalyptic comedy – Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride at WonderCon.

Rogen and Goldberg talked reuniting with Franco after their work on Pineapple Express together. “It’s like getting back into old habits,” Goldberg said. “We get along with him and always have.”

“He was awesome,” Rogen interjected. “He destroys the movie -- all the guys in it.”

The story had been gestating for a while with these comic maestros. “It’s an old idea we had to have actors play themselves and have real (expletive) happen and that is violent and dangerous,” Goldberg said. “We also had the idea to make an apocalyptic movie of some type and we realized, why don’t we put these things together?”

Rogen also reported that it was fun to play a heightened version of himself -- all for laughs. “It was freeing, comedically it was fun to be shocking for the audience. It was fun to see how far the other guys would go and push it,” Rogen said. 

McBride said it felt like a normal day hanging with the guys. “It’s like just playing in your backyard,” he said. He also admitted that he wouldn’t mind the end of the world. “People have been talking about the end of the world for years and we’d get to be the lucky ones to experience it. It’s pretty awesome.”

And we asked Robinson, if the end of the world was happening for real, which of his co-stars would he save and why? “I guess Seth, because he’s standing right there.”

This is the End opens June 12 and for more, check out the first This is the End trailer.

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