Trance: Rosario Dawson Talks Crazy Hypnosis Experience

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Rosario Dawson plays a hypnotherapist in Trance and her character's vocation is the key to the entire mystery that surrounds James McAvoy. Movie Fanatic met Dawson for an exclusive video interview where we asked her if she had ever been hypnotized and what the experience was like.

“Yes, I was hypnotized. It felt really interesting. My temperature dropped, my foot started twitching apparently when she was suggesting certain things that I wasn’t really correlating. Later, afterward, she read me, and she was quite accurate!”

As revealed in the Trance trailer, McAvoy is a high end art auctioneer. When his auction house is hit and a $25 million painting is stolen, he gets hit in the head by one of the robbers and cannot remember a thing. He visits Dawson’s practice, all in an effort to untangle the mystery that is lost inside his mind.

Dawson admitted that filming a movie that dishes out its clues in increments was a challenge.

“We would play with different scenes because you don’t know when it’s all cut together what’s going to feel like way too much of a reveal or actually something that is skipped over,” Dawson said. “You notice it when you see it a second time as you see things that were huge clues, that didn’t even register.”

Just how we like our mystery-thrillers!

And don't miss what Dawson told us exclusively about what to expect from her upcoming film, the highly anticipated Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

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