Trance: Vincent Cassel Says Working Globally Means "Freedom"

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Vincent Cassel is a man of the world. The French actor visited with Movie Fanatic for an exclusive video interview where he talked about his latest, the Danny Boyle-directed Trance.

Cassel grew up watching international cinema so it's only fitting that he star in films made all over the world. His recent work is evidence of that, from Hollywood (Black Swan) to Britain (Trance) and that is just the beginning. We asked the actor why that is so important.

"I’ve been traveling from one place to the next all my life. And now, this is my professional situation reflects my youth. Yeah, I love it. It gives me a sense of freedom," Cassel said. "The other day I did interviews with the international press and I feel like I, more and more, have a connection to each and every country."

Cassel also talks about the varying challenges of working with two helmers, Black Swan's Darren Aronofsky and Trance's Boyle, and how the two directors working at the top of their game challenged him in the most wonderful of ways.

"When you work with directors with such strong personalities and strong visions, they have to be different," Cassel said. "But, that’s what makes it so interesting. But, both of them really love their actors."

For more on his latest film, check out the riveting Trance trailer and don't miss our Trance review.

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