Grown Ups 2 International Trailer: Will They Grow Up?

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If there was one thing that we learned from the experience that was Grown Ups, is that these guys -- led by Adam Sandler -- have not really grown up too much. As the international trailer premieres for Grown Ups 2, we can bet they haven't matured any more than before.

Sandler has brought the gang back together, including Kevin James, Chris Rock, Salma Hayek, Maya Rudolph and even added some new blood. Yes, that Twilight Saga hunk Taylor Lautner is in the mix!

The first Grown Ups 2 trailer premiered a few weeks back and teased the story. Sandler has come back to his home town to live permanently. Guess it has something to do with wanting to raise his kids out of the madness that is Los Angeles. Soon after arriving, he gets into the mix with his old buddies and you bet the hilarity ensues.

The comic superstar at the heart of the film is not one to rush into sequels. So, there must have been something about the first Grown Ups that made Sandler want to make a sequel. Perhaps it was just an excuse to get his comic cronies back together for a summer of fun. Either way, audiences will surely flock!

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