Monsters University Clip: First Morning in the House!

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The boys are back… in time! Billy Crystal’s Mike and John Goodman’s Sully have returned, as caught so effectively in this Monsters University poster featuring a class photo. Pixar has brought the beloved characters back to theaters in the form of a prequel to show fans how the Monsters Inc. buddies first met and became the titans of scaring they would grow into.

Pixar and Disney have released the film’s first clip and it takes us just about to the beginning. The first time Mike and Sully share a room… we meet them on their first morning!

The moment we first saw the Monsters University trailer, Movie Fanatic was sold. We’ve seen the movie, but cannot say a word about it until our review is allowed to go live on the film’s release day, June 21. And don’t miss our exclusive interviews with the cast all that week.

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